You want abundance? Re-think your diet.

I haven’t been very much into dieting. I know though that there are maaaany to chose from: Mediterranean, keto, juice diet, paleo, South Beach etc.

The thing that all diets have in common is that they forbid you from eating some products.

The products and amounts differ, but the principle is the same. You can’t eat A, B, C, D and so on.

Personally, I am on a pescatarian diet and limiting diary, but it’s not because I forbid myself to eat meat, just at some point I stopped feeling the interest and that slowly turned into a principal.

Lately I have finished a fast. 3 days. Water only. I have read so much about health benefits of fasting, but also about mental and spiritual benefits- having clarity, overcoming sugar addiction etc.

I do eat sugar. I also eat white bread and tons of other carbs which supposedly are not that healthy so I decided to give it a try.

On 3rd day I felt terrible and broke fast barely moving, I needed to get more energy to function. Didn’t real feel much difference, nothing clarified, until… a few days later.

I know now that not eating or being in a diet puts scarcity in your life. You tell yourself that you can’t have some products, that you can’t order what you want, that you can’t enjoy your meal fully without guilty conscience.

When you think about it from that perspective it’s such a terrible thing to do to yourself and to your body.

How could you lead an abundant life when your body is constant feeling the scarcity of food?

Ok, I’m out of fast and I’m going overboard on the opposite side now — I’m eating a lot of sweets and Georgian bread, I eat too much but… that’s ok.

I’m not letting myself feel guilty about that because I feel that now my body wants to make sure that there is enough. That we are not in a state of lack anymore. So I eat, I but whatever I want and I accept that this rebound is something needed and I know that in a couple of days I will be back to normal.

And by normal I mean — my body will actually keep telling me what it needs. And I will do my best not to control it and accept that sometimes it might be a chocolate cake or soda.

But you might think… this girl is out of her mind, so what now, I will keep eating all the candy and stay fat/unhealthy?

Kind of ;)

If you constantly eat sweets — that might be a mental problem and addiction which you can fight but not through dieting but through therapy. Find what makes you want to eat sugar all the time and confront it.

And if you don’t have a mental problem with food your body will eventually balance itself. The most fit I have been, I wasn’t thinking about diet at all. I had a pizza every week, I ate bread, I had ice cream quite often, but I wasn’t blaming myself for eating those things, I was just living and enjoying my life and eating what I felt I wanted at the time. I have actually lost weight.

On the other hand when I was intentionally limiting sugar for 2 weeks, I gained 3 kg (more less 2 pounds). It’s not much, but still the opposite effect than what I was going for.

Trust yourself. Trust your body and listen to it. Don’t let diets determine that you can’t have good things. You can and you should.

And if you really feel you have a food problem — don’t go to dietician, go to a good therapist (I very much recommend Process Workers) and nip this in a bud instead of fighting with consequences.

P.S. I write as if I had all the answers, but the truth is, my food attitude is like a sinusoid, so this article is also a way to remember all this things for myself ❤️



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