NFTs — the art that internet deserves

Experimental perfromance on value of art now on OpenSea

In the last few days (May 2021) a known influencer GaryVee has launched his NFTs. As for the artwork…

Well, you can se the examples yourself. And these are only the Rare and higher level tokens.

But we all know now that NFTs aren’t about the artwork at all, right? They are an investment, it’s a part of something bigger.

But why isn’t it about art? That’s what NFTs were created for initially. They were created by two passionate guys who worked in a museum. It’s goal was to support artists. It bothered me a little.

And then I realised. I will make my own NFTs.

I paint, but if I posted any of my work as NFT I don’t think it would have any chance of being visible. It’s not catchy, it’s not controversial, it’s not memeable, so I had this other idea.

Do you know a Picasso’s quote:“good artists copy, great artists steal”?

I created lame copies of famous artwork by various artists in a Paint like program.

Classic art pieces are out of financial reach of 99,9% of society, but that’s what internet is for, right?

I have made an outstanding collection of 7 timeless masterpieces, made for internet.

Are they perfect? No.

Are they making fun of classic art? A little bit.

Will reading their descriptions broaden your horizons? Maybe.

You can see them all in here.

I’ve decided to auction them and give 50% of all the profits to support young artists in the country/state of origin of the artist copied.

Kazimierz Malewicz — Russia

Robert Motherwell — Spain

Morris Louis — Maryland, USA

Sam Francis — California, USA

Barnett Newman — New York, USA

Piet Mondrian — Netherlands

I had to go through the whole procedure of creating a crypto currency wallet etc., but it wasn’t that difficult and took me a couple of hours to figure out all of this stuff, so if you want to launch yours — don’t worry, if I could do it, you can too!

I will immensely appreciate each and every share or mention. Let’s make something fun out of this NFT craze.

The art internet deserves.