Coronavirus: where are our spiritual leaders now?

I am not the person to be panicked about the virus. I honestly would rather to be done with it. I’m young and healthy and live by myself so I will be fine and there is no way my grandparents die because of me, but the whole world around me seems to have lost it’s mind.

We live in the time of global panic and craze. Today I wondered what are spiritual leaders saying about all of this? What is the meaning, why is this happening, how to remain calm etc., but I found almost nothing…

Why would anyone need a guru if not for a situation like this?

I follow a couple of spiritual influencers on YouTube. Coronavirus is a non existent subject to any of them. It’s such a disappointment.

I’m no guru, but I ask you: if you are less than 60 and don’t have respiratory problems, just chill. You might get sick. You might feel bad, but you don’t need to stock up your refrigerator and shelves as if the war was coming. You don’t have to panic and be scared. Really. At least that’s what statistics say if you dig deeper than the number of deaths.

And as for the gurus, there was this funny quote from Marilyn Monroe I think?

It’s like with gurus, if you can’t support people at times like this, you don’t deserve their devotion and respect.

Works in Tech 💻 into art, culture and psychology. IG & Quora @alaisontime

Works in Tech 💻 into art, culture and psychology. IG & Quora @alaisontime