Being an adult is boring by default

but it doesn’t have to be.

Ok, I am perceived to be a rebel type. I never really fitted anywhere (schools, workplaces, peer groups), I always had to do thing my way etc., but now another lockdown is here and I’m starting to realize why… it’s super boring to have a regular life (in case it’s not obivous — this story is my personal opinion).

I tried escaping it for a while, but now I’m 30, almost run out of my savings and had to get back to work and you know what? It’s terrible. I even created a list why it’s so bad.

1. Spending most of your life at work. It’s only ok if you have your own and meaningful business otherwise you have to admit — it’s a waste of time. Sorry, it’s an exchange of your time and skills for money. Money, which you can’t really spend as you wish, because you spend most of your time at work.

2. “You can spend time after work on something meaningful” — can you really? Because after work I’m tired and I don’t want to work on anything else. I want to relax, talk to some friends, hang out, read a book, exercise, cook or do literally anything that doesn’t require my brain to function well.

3. “You can have fun and rest on vacation” — I am envying you so much if 10–25 days of a vacation a year is enough to make you happy all year round. Or is it that your life focuses mostly on waiting for a vacay? Then I’m just sorry.

4. Getting a mortgage or other long term financial committments. You know that you force yourself into them? And that that means that you have to work all the time to keep it up?

5. Superficial, boring adult gatherings. Adult meetings are even worse then teenager meetings. As a teenager you’re fake because you’re unsure of anything. As an adult you’re fake as a choice and that’s so much worse. Can you imagine people meet up with their friends and talk about the weather and politics? Oh, wait, you might be one of the people that does that. Well, it’s all superficial and boring. People have actual problems. They have actual issues and ambitions, but you wouldn’t care about them, would you?

6. Adults let their dreams die and replace them with material goods.

ok, let’s stop at that, because I’m getting triggered.

but you know what happens when you don’t comply with the social rules of being a boring adult? You’re being ostracised, you’re being introduced as this “weird friend”, “black sheep”, “…..” or an attraction, like a monkey in the zoo. So it’s either you fit the standard or you’re an outcast.

It’s fair I guess. That’s why so much literature and movies focus on outcasts, it’s just hard to accept yourself as one, but once you go through that, everything is easier. I promise.

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